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My Lil' Secret Boutique is an online new and gently used treasure trove. Where you can find those hidden gems, classic n' fashion apparel, luxury, health n' beauty, household items and much more!
We purchase, consign and sell new and gently used goods to reduce our carbon footprint.
We are a Canadian based company, taking pride in quality products. Only the best at amazing prices!
Being an environmentally friendly company we reduce, reuse and recycle saving gallons of water for every gently used item sold!
It takes 10,000 litres of water to make 1 pair of jeans! 2700 litres for 1 t-shirt and an average person in Canada sends 81 pounds of clothing to landfills, making Canada the 11th leading country in emissions.
Buying gently used, secondhand, reusable items greatly helps reduce emissions by saving these items from landfills and incinerators.
Save money while saving the planet with My Lil' Secret.
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